The foldable fairing for the next generation...


Stay dry with the foldable fairing

Waltrop, 27.8.2010. The German specialized bike manufacturer Hase has taken its Project KLIMAX to Generation Z: The FOLDABLE FAIRING KIDS turns the TRETS into a stylish children's trailer for any weather.

Unlike the KLIMAX 2K adult trike fairing, the bright green FOLDABLE FAIRING KIDS opens into a full canopy, keeping youngsters dry from head to toe. The canopy has an extra-large and highly durable see-though panel, which gives the rider plenty of light and visibility.

Unlike conventional trailers, the FOLDABLE FAIRING KIDS does not fully enclose the passenger. This means that the rider can enjoy a healthy “micro-climate” with plenty of fresh air when working up a sweat in the engine room.


The FOLDABLE FAIRING KIDS is just as easy to mount as the grown-up version: The folded fairing, which measures a mere 67×29 cm (26”x11”), snaps into a special mounting fixture on the front of the frame. Then the fairing is unfolded and stretched open over the trailer. After securing one side of the fairing, the pilot can hop into the seat; then the other side is fastened with a healthy click. The entire system is exceptionally robust: The struts of the fairing are made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic, and the highly durable ripstop fabric is coated and impregnated for water repellency.

Can be delivered in January 2011