Child trailer with pedal power and a zippy trike all in one: What more could anyone want? Trets Custom.
Who could possibly perfect a perfectly ingenious vehicle? You can. With the Trets Custom, Hase’s unique trailer-slash-trike can be customized to suit the special needs of the young rider-slash-racer. For example, add an extra dose of high tech with the viperous hydraulic disc breaks from Magura.
  Most parents are looking for more ergonomic basics: Pedals with toe clips and straps ensure that your little one’s feet will remain safely in the pedals, even when he’s dropped off to dream land. Hase even offers pedals that can be adjusted to the contours of the rider’s feet. And extra-short crank arms make triking even more fun for the smallest riders. If the kids are out after dark, a lighting system from the market leader Busch & Müller provides safety – and fun on their nighttime adventures.
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