Tagun Custom.
After all, a bicycle should harmonize not only with the road but also with the rider. Hase’s two-wheeled touring sedan is also available “custom-made”. The list of optional equipment for the Tagun Custom is especially long. Practically all gear systems are available for the Tagun: from the fine, sporty Dura Ace for speed fans or the comfortable Rohloff Speedhub gears for the commuter and/or family manager to the wide gear range of the Dual Drive for all types of trips.
  And the Tagun delivers even with an assortment of light titanium parts. The brake levers of the hydraulic Magura disc brakes give you excellent modulation with plenty of stopping strength when you need it. The suspension fork and special Magura air shock offer even more comfort. Even the crank arms can be custom-fit for petite riders! So what exactly is a perfectly equipped Tagun? You decide.
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