Comfort is not negotiable. But the extras are. Lepus Comfort Custom.
The “standard” Lepus is anything but standard: the grandiose view from atop the comfortable seat, the easy adjustment, the luxurious chassis. And the Lepus Custom goes even further – in both extras and in comfort! The suspension fork absorbs every pothole in your path; the gas-shock absorber from Magura turns the already high-comfort recumbent into a sedan.
  A generous selection of seat widths, backrest heights, and handlebar lengths ensures a perfect fit between trike and rider. Various-length crank arms are also available for smaller riders. Collectors of specialist and lightweight components can choose a titanium front boom or seat frame. And for daily commuting and longer tours, Hase offers lowrider racks for the fork. The term “custom”, after all, comes from “customer” – and all are different.
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